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Plant Sourcing for Pros

Plantbid® is the only horticulture platform that lets you source your whole plant list at one time, from growers who provide their complete availabilities. We have you covered – whether you shop for yourself, use RFP or broker your plants.

Give a free trial a spin and see just how quick and easy it is.

How does it work?

1. Nurseries nationwide provide us their full updated inventories.

2. Based on your job's needs, choose the sourcing tool that's right for you.

3. Input your plant list and let the power of Plantbid® go to work for you.

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What can it do for me?

Instantly get the info you need to maximize profit and streamline purchasing.

Source and evaluate material with the power and simplicity of Plantbid®.

Take control of your valuable time while establishing relationships with plant vendors you never knew existed.

Main Features

Designed with you in mind

We help plant professionals of all types to maximize profit, save time and build more efficient businesses.

Plantbid is built and powered by plant professionals, just like you.
Plantbid is a powerful tool for plant sourcing. Access nurseries across the country that you never knew existed and compare with your favorite local vendors.
No more wasted time or going over bid. Plantbid is designed by landscapers who know that time is money.

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